What are the benefits of gamification in eLearning?

  • What are the benefits of gamification in eLearning?

  • The most critical elements in games are points, badges, and leaderboards. These are always the essential factors in games that stimulate players to be more excited and engaged. Therefore, eLearning uses such game elements to create an environment that makes learners feel more involved and motivated. Learners will get points if they complete the right actions and will move to the next level if they gain a predetermined number of issues. Learners will earn badges as symbolic rewards for their achievements. Leaderboards signify progress and rank learners against others. Leaderboards may depend on the number of problems and accomplishments learners get. These are three significant elements for learners to compare their results and attempt to improve their rankings.

  • Most importantly, gamification improves learning abilities through engaging games that are fun for students. Students and learners can learn and have fun while playing games. This level of fun also promotes student engagement and increases retention in learning. This is why I reached out to https://www.oxagile.com/article/gamification-in-elearning-decoded/ to help me with EDTECH development.

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