Pros and Cons to Self-Education

  • Many times I have believed that self-education is the best form of education. However, the article changed my perspective. Although it is wrong to state that my thoughts have changed, it is not true. A controversial opinion is not something I exclude for a variety of reasons.


    You'll find out the pros and cons of self-education in the article I recommend. For example, self-discipline can be both a huge pro and a disadvantage to some people. This is because they are unable to control their impulses to scroll through social media and then fly in the air when it's high. People who don't manage to keep their hands off the ball are not able to focus on anything and do everything simultaneously.


    You need to answer the question "Pros/Cons: Self discipline" before you dive into learning on your own. This can lead to undesirable consequences, such as being a master of no trades but a master in all of them.


    You could also miss something important if you lack self-discipline. You won't have enough knowledge.

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