Looking to get over interview anxiety?

  • Are you nervous when going for an interview? Not getting interview selection or emails calls? Want to improve your chances? Marti has got you all covered!

    Over the last decade, she has helped hundreds in business, academics, the professions, and performing arts gain confidence in public speaking, presenting, leadership, interviews, test-taking, auditions, performances, audio, video, and writing.

    She has also written the book The Stage Fright Cure & holds classes & private coaching for business people, performers, students, teachers. Visit her website and download her Ebook.

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  • Interviews are tough and stressful for many who are not well prepared. The experts at professional cv services uk have conducted more than 1000 interviews in the past few months. They have explained that over 70% of the candidates are not well prepared and have several lacking.

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  • Not at all, my friend have this issue that is why I came here, he is currently doing an online course at Khadija Academy and want to do a job along with it but whenever he goes for an interview he becomes anxious, just give me some tips for him what should he do before interview thank you.

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