Make you feel funny and oddly satisfying.

  • Elastic man is an exciting 3D rendering of Morty where you get to pinch and drag a man with a very flexible face. 

    The current life is too busy with work, creating pressure and sadness for everyone. If you are finding a way to relax, let's participate in this game. Elastic Man is predicted to bring you fun and pleasant moments after long workdays.

  • Thanks for sharing. 
    About entertainment, make people feel funny. We have LOL Beans

    This is a multiplayer racing io game. Compete, emulate and win against thousands of players worldwide with Beans. 

  • It’s so interesting to explore and analyze the elasticity of this character. fnf His body structure and facial features are inspired by the comic book series, Rick and Morty and his name is inspired by the Elastic man from the same series.

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