Royalty free hiphop beats

  • Yo dudes, hi, I can't find cool beats without copyrights, can you advise me sites where I can find such music? Even if it's paid, I wrote great lyrics, the only thing missing is the music.

  • So maybe you could go to a beatmaker who would make you a great track and you could write your lyrics to it? It would just be very hard to find a track that suits you.

  • But still it will be much cheaper than going to musicians who will take more than 200 bucks for each track and I'm talking about those musicians who have just started their career. 

  • Well, how can I tell you, $ 200 novice musicians never take, a maximum of only 5-10 bucks a track, this experienced beatmakers can take for a small track 200 bucks. But for you, of course, it's better to subscribe to the service and you get full access to all playlists with music without copyrights. Here you can find royalty free hiphop beats. Subscription costs about 15-20 bucks a month. 

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