The Chargers might be able to trade Philip Rivers

  • Or even in those top three. Even if choosing a quarterback, nobody does stand out in the rest: Draft experts seem pretty evenly split on what the top quarterback in the draft this season is Wentz as well as Jared Goff.

    There was discussion about Griffin and Andrew Luck in 2012. and there was debate about Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota last year, however, this is different. These were highly regarded prospects battling to be considered the best. This is a crop of great prospects, and nobody is sure which one has the best potential to succeed.

    In the last week, Bill Barnwell of ESPN broke down how in the Madden 23 coins lottery-like draft "the most efficient strategy is to have the most tickets." The RG3 trade was possibly the most successful example every time. The winners from the trade appear to be completely unaware of this knowledge. It could be that it works out however the Rams must be aware.

    The Chargers might be able to trade Philip Rivers, but they'd likely screw it up, too.

    LaDainian Tomlinson thinks the Chargers should sell Philip Rivers. They Chargers are in rebuilding mode and should consider trading Philip Rivers instead of ruin his entire career. Can that be considered realistic?

    It's logical on the surface. The Chargers have been, yet again an absolute disaster losing three games in excruciating way by blowing lead in the fourth quarter. Rivers isn't part problem. He's making 68 percent in his throws. 7.8 yards for every attempt, has 1.110 yards, seven touchdowns, and one interception.

    The Chargers signed Rivers to a four-year, $83 million extension this year, however their structure for the contract doesn't make it prohibitive for trading him. The cap hit isn't as high as $22 million until after the final year, which makes it possible for a team to move out of after the 2018 season.

    But then again, the Chargers really must have all the support they could get ... which they're not getting enough of after suffering so much losses recently and the Bosa standoff and the thing about alienating fans through the relocation thing. If they were able to fire Mike McCoy and make the right kind of moves in the offseasonperiod, they might be back on track sooner than you think. However, that's definitely a huge risk for a team that hasn't done much to improve its standing, on or off the field.

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