PWA or native?

  • PWAs have already started to replace native mobile apps or apps in some areas, such as video streaming apps, where heavy user interfaces are not needed. However, the question that still plagues me and I think a lot of people is, which is better to choose PWA or Native?

  • PWA is beneficial because the resource works in the phone's browser. It works almost like an application, but this application does not need to be installed. Native is just a third-party application that works at the expense of the computing power of the device.

  • PWA is used when you have a website ready and it works in your phone and tablet, it works in the browser, I think there will be no failures when you use PWA. When you use native you have to write new code and do it all over again. Native is a coding language, to use it you need to know programming languages. There are also flutter and Kotlin are new developments still young.It is impossible to determine at once.It is necessary to think about everything and decide or consult with experts.

  • Most likely, many will choose the first option. For example, it says here that PWA apps have a number of advantages that make them much better than native mobile apps. Since PWAs are created using web technologies, they can be accessed from any smartphone browser, regardless of operating system, and work exactly the same as on a smartphone.

  • I agree that PWAs are much better than native. I learned a lot from the site you suggested, great article. I prefer Flutter. It is one of the programming languages. In any case, all development is very important and necessary for large companies.Thank you for the information!

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  • Progressive web applications can't always offer the features and functionalities that native apps can. Geofencing, NFC-based mobile payments, inter-app functionality, and the use bitlife of smart sensors don't work well with PWAs.

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