Recommend a good moving service in Massachusetts

  • Hello. I decided to move my family to Boston. Our children are growing up and I am thinking of sending them to prestigious schools, but I myself would like to move up the career ladder, so we decided to move to a larger city. We have a large apartment and a lot of property, so we need at least a few trucks and a team of movers for the move. I heard that there are special moving services. Can you recommend a good moving service in Massachusetts?

  • Hello, first of all congratulations on your decision to both you and your family to move and change your home. The moving company you hire has all that transportation equipment and they will also take care of everything. I don't know of any that I can recommend directly , but I am sure that here in this same forum there will be some user who can recommend a removal company that they have already hired

  • @Hobart Herzog I'm moving too. I need to have all my stuff out by the 31st of this month. I have to make the decision soon, as I'm going to start my job on the 29th of January, and I don't want to take a truck out of the city only to have to go back. Also, I don't want to have to rent another truck to put my stuff into the city until the 2nd of February.

  • Very happy for you.I recommend a popular moving company many positive reviews their service includes packing and delivery of furniture to the right place.Boston is really a very prestigious place,many top class educational institutions,and find a job there very easy and fast.Only the author I advise to contact a professional,still with children moving is very problematic!

  • @Leyla Leyla Thanks for the recommendation ! I will try to contact them tomorrow and try to discuss the details of my move with their help. As soon as there is some positive result - I'll be sure to post here how it went. I hope this company is as good as you said. Have a nice day !

  • Yes I congratulate you too it is so cool to move to a new place, a new place is like a new life, moreover Boston is a great city for great opportunities.Boston is a historical place, it has a lot of history.Boston has many different institutions, I think with the company that you were advised to move very quickly!

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