Where to Buy Gold in World of Warcraft

  • Hello, I have a problem in the game World of Warcraft, I need to buy in-game items, but I can't do it because I have no gold. Maybe you know some cheats or other ways to get more gold? I just saw from a friend in the game, he got a bunch of gold from somewhere and now plays for fun. And I need to get pennies for completing missions.

  • As far as I know cheats for WOW in terms of gold has never worked. Gold in this game can only be obtained by farming or passing dungeons. If you do not want to spend time on this - then turn to those who earn on the sale of in-game currency

  • On the internet there are hundreds of pages that offer gold sales services for various types of video games, in a simple Google search you can find several pages of this type, it seems to me the easiest way to get gold in wow

  • I see the guys in the game you are not trying very hard to play. But after all, the game was created in order to use your brains to go through all the difficulties gradually and pump your hero. After all, getting gold with your own mind is much more interesting than just taking and buy gold wow Of course, there are situations when you come to a dead end and then you can’t do without outside help. But in all the rest you have to try to play yourself.

  • @Debzvon Gez I think it's normal when a person does not want to spend a lot of time farming in-game currency, and just come after work and play for fun. In vain the creators of the game have not thought of such a moment. Well at least there are sites where you can help with this issue.

  • What a good game Wow, they've been online for years and the game is constantly updated, it seems like an eternal game, honestly, regarding how to get more gold, did you try to consult Google about this? Possibly there you will find more information or even the same answer itself, I fully understand how essential and fundamental gold can be in Wow

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