How to reinstall the Windows OS with the image file we provided

1. Prepare a USB stick (16GB or more), and download the corresponding OS image file (usually it's a zip file) AWOW provide.

2. Format the USB stick as NTFS (please use FAT32 file system for AK41, AL34, TX2, otherwise the device can not boot from the USB stick later), make the disk system volume as "WINPE".

3. Unzip all the files in the OS image zip file to the USB stick's root folder.

4. Plug the USB stick into the PC, the start the PC and please select booting from the USB stick(you can choose booting from the USB stick while the device starts by press "F7").

5. If the PC start from the USB stick successfully, the installation will start automatically.

6. While the installation finish, please unplug the USB stick and restart the PC.

7. The PC may enter the factory mode at the first start, you may run some testing software to check the PC, then please click the "CleanupTestTool" on the desktop or just choose reboot at the OOBE windows and click "OK". The PC will run the OOBE process and restart to enter the Windows welcome interface.